Getting Started With hugo-geo

Setting up and configuring hugo-geo is as simple as changing a few values in your site config.toml. Lets look at this example site’s config and go over what each of hugo-geo’s site [params] do.

If this guide doesn’t answer your question it may be covered in the Hugo documentation.

baseurl = ""
relativeURLs = false
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "My New Hugo Site"
disqusShortname = "shortcode-here"
paginate = 5

	tag = "tags"
	tutorial = "tutorials"

	showglobe = true
	analytics = "code-here"

	github = ""
	twitter = ""
	linkedin = ""
	email = ""
	profilepic = "img/profile.png"
	title = "MY NAME"
	subtitle = "MY HUGO BLOG"
	name = "About"
	url = "about"
	name = "Blog"
	url = ""
	name = "Tutorials"
	url = "tutorial/"
The Spinning Globe

showglobe = true

Set this to false and the spinning globe in the sidebar will not be rendered.


In order to remain compatible with Hugo v0.14, the analytics shortcode is specified in the site params.

github = ""
twitter = ""
linkedin = ""
email = ""

These social settings set the icon links in the sidebar. If you don’t want to have a certain icon or link show up, simply remove it.

profilepic = "img/profile.png"

This is the path to the profile image shown in the sidebar, relative to the baseurl

Title & Subtitle

Either of these can be removed. If the title param is removed, then the site title will be used instead.

A customizable array of links that will appear in the sidebar, or dropdown menu when viewed on mobile. The URL is relative to the baseurl.

Content Front Matter

There are few custom settings you can specify in your content front matter that will effect how hugo generates your site.

Syntax highlighting with hljs

Set highlight = true in your post front matter to include highlight.js javascript and css.

Custom JS/CSS

Include custom CSS and Javascript on an individual piece of content like so:

scripts = [

css = [
Posting Tutorials

In order for a tutorial to show up on the /tutorials/ page list, it must have index = true present in the front matter of the post. New tutorial’s will not show up on the front page of the site, yet.

Multi-paged tutorial series can be accomplished by including links to each page of the tutorial on the page with index = true.